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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the EZclean?

The EZclean is a multi RC tires in one unit cleaning system

What tires will the EZclean108 clean?

The EZclean108 will clean 1/10 th scale buggy, stadium truck and short
course size tires and 1/8 th scale buggy and truggy

What tires will the EZclean10 clean?

The EZClean10 will clean 1/10 th scale buggy, stadium truck and short
course size tires only

What tires will the EZclean8 clean?

The EZclean8 will clean 8 th scale buggy and truggy only

What is the EZrod?

The EZrod is the rod that runs thru the EZclean, one end has a hex for the
Hand crank or the EZadapter, the other end has a hex that matches the hex
size of your wheel

Any 2 size rods come standard with the EZclean

Sizes are 10, 12, 14 and 17mm

What is the Bearing/Pin rod and its adapter?

The Bearing/Pin rod is a Rod that allows you to wash a Bearing or Pin
wheel that do not have a hex

What is the EZadapter?

The EZadapter is a optional adapter that allow you to use a Electric screw
driver with a ¼” inch drive to turn the wheel instead of using the hand

What is the Top Brace?

The top brace is a brace that runs across the top of the EZclean with the
lid open, makes it easier to hold onto the box when washing

Can I get a multicolored EZclean to match my cars?

Yes you can get up to 3 colors on any EZclean

How much is a EZclean?

A standard one color EZclean comes with 2 rods, hand crank and the top
brace is $79.99

Can I buy each part of the EZclean individually?

Yes, all parts of the EZclean are sold separately

Is there a warranty on the EZclean?

Yes, all parts of the EZclean have a 6 month warranty

All we need is a picture of the part that needs replaced

Is there a additional shipping cost?

No. all EZclean prices include shipping cost