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Introducing the EZclean

The EZClean can be used to clean 10th scale buggy, stadium truck, and short course, 8th scale buggy and truggy tires all in one unit.

There are 3 variations of the EZclean to fit your size needs.

EzClean Models


The EZClean108 aka The Original EZclean

This 5-Hole washer will clean the most common RC racing tires, both 1/10th scale buggy, stadium truck, & short course sized tires and 1/8th scale buggy and truggy tires all in one unit.

If your a racer who enjoys running 1/10th and 1/8th scale cars this is the EZclean for you.


The EZclean10 for the 1/10th scale racers

This 3-hole washer will clean 1/10th scale buggy, 2wd and 4wd, stadium truck and short course size tires.

If you only race 1/10th scale cars this is the EZclean For you!


The EZclean8 for 1/8th scale racers.

This 2-hole washer will clean 1/8th scale buggy and truggy size tires.

If your the racers that only enjoys running 1/8th scale then your EZclean is right here!


An absolute must-have for any serious RC racer.


If you don’t have on in your pit. You don’t know what your are missing. Great product!!


Ezclean is the easiest and best way to clean you tires!


I looooove everything about it. Awesome product. A must have for outdoor racing. Thanks for one awesome tool


Just wanted to let you know I used my ezclean station and I love it. I did 16 tires and they came out unbelievably clean.  I don’t like it, I LOVE IT!


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